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cargo vanAre you looking to rent a cargo van to help you move items across town or around the country? If you do not have too much stuff you should be able to fit it into the back of a van which is much smaller than a traditional moving truck. Cargo vans are the choice of many businesses and people because of their size and versatility. If you need to bring some extra equipment to a job site or move extra items in your house to storage renting a cargo van may be the most cost effective option.

The first cargo van The Ford Econoline roared into existence in 1969. With its flat-nose and three-speed transmission, it heralded the beginning of a new era: the era of the cargo van.

The cargo van has a number of advantages that make it the number one choice for many people who are looking to move. Most of the vans have at least 300 cubic feet of storage space. This means that unlike the SUV, you get enough room to actually store all of your stuff. But it isn’t so big and unwieldy as a moving truck, which costs more money. Some cargo vans cost as little as $20! These advantages combine to make cargo vans the perfect intersection of size, price, and maneuverability.

Cheap Cargo Van Rental

Van rentals are often seen as cheaper alternatives to moving trucks. If you want to save even more money you should keep a few things in mind. If you are renting one way there are some locations that are in need of vans so you will receive lower rates dropping a car off there. You should also look for weekly rental specials during slow times. Many rental companies put out coupons on their websites that you can print out to receive a cheaper rental. Lastly do not forget about AAA and other discount cards that many of these companies accept and give a discounted rate to members.

Unlimited Miles

If you are looking to drive your rental cargo van long distances you may want to rent one that has unlimited miles. The base rate for this type of rental is going to be higher than for traditional rentals where you pay a base rate for a set number of miles and then additional charge per mile for any over that amount. With non-unlimited miles rentals, you pay a base rate for a certain number of miles. Then every mile after that has an additional fee.

With these type of unlimited rentals there are no restrictions on where you can travel or how far you can go, you just pay the daily rate. With Unlimited Miles, the base rate is higher, but there aren’t any distance fees. If you’re looking to move between states, this is probably the way to go.  All of the major rental companies offer unlimited mileage rentals you just have to go to their websites or ask for them in person.

If you’re looking to travel a long distance in a short amount of time, unlimited miles are the way to go.

One Way Cargo Van Rental

When you use a cargo van to move over long distances you are not going to want to return it to your original rental location. Heck, it’s not even a matter of desire, but one of practicality. In this case you would do a one way rental. Luckily, most national chains offer the option of One Way Rental. Depending on the pickup and dropoff locations, they may not even charge an extra fee! Of course, if you need One Way Rental, you’re going to want to avoid the smaller guys, who don’t have nearly as many locations to drop off at.

When you are looking for one of these types of rentals you should see where their nearest drop off location to make your rental easy and hassle free.  Sometime locations need vans to be moved to them so there will not be an extra charge for the rental, but other times depending on the drop off and pick up location you will be required to pay extra.


Cargo Van Rental Prices

When renting a cargo van you are lucky because there are many different companies that offer cargo van rentals. There are around 10 national companies and countless local companies that offer rentals that can start from as low as $20 per day. Most rentals are around $35 a day, but you can often arrange lower rates for longer term rentals. Any extras like one way rentals, insurance, or unlimited miles are going to cost more. When you go to rent make sure you check for coupons and discounts. Travel comparison sites like Kayak and will allow you to see rates from multiple companies and choose the one that works best for you.

Where to Rent Cargo Vans – Most major rental location have cargo vans including airports, malls, hotels, business centers, and hardware stores.

    • Budget Truck Rental – is known by their iconic blue and orange logo. They have many locations across the country and rent a varieties of trucks and vans. You can book directly on their website or over the phone, their website can be found here.


    • Enterprise – is one of the lower cost providers who often has limited supply of cargo vans. They are more of a car rental company and offer extra services like pickup you may need. If you can find a local location with a van they are a good option, but availability is going to be the hardest part. You can book with them online or over the phone, their website is here.


    • Penske Trucks – are easy to recognize by their yellow color you see all over town. They mostly rental larger trucks, but have many cargo vans including different sizes at different locations. They have partnered with the Home Depot to provide rentals at many of their store locations which should make it nice and easy if you are using the truck for a job and need to pick-up supplies.  Take a look at their website for more info.


    • U-Haul – is American best known rental brand. They rent everything from trailers to moving vans and everything in between. They have the most locations out of all of the companies listed here and also promise a starting price of only $19.95 per day for a cargo van rental. Many of their locations are at gas stations or other small storage facilities so you are going to need to find one that has the van you are looking for. Their website has more info.


    • Avis – is one of the largest car rental companies in the Unites States, but also has a small truck rental business. Their strength is their strong internal systems, but they do not have the network of vans across the country you may need. Nevertheless they have great service and can match prices. Their site is here.


    • Ryder – is another moving van rental company that also offer full service moving services and van rentals. They have various location across the US that you can rent vans from via their website or calling them.


  • Local companies are an option that many people often forget. If you go a quick Google or Yellow Pages search you can often find companies in your area that renting cans in your area. These companies can often cut better deals with you than larger national companies.

What it will Cost to Rent a Cargo Van?

Renting is the perfect solution for smooth movement of cargo if you have limited space in your car. Car rental services are common in the main American cities; various companies have opened opportunities for people to make their cargo movement easy and convenient. The cost of hiring a freight van, however, differs from one company to another and also from one city to the other.

Cargo Van Rental Prices

Various companies charge their customers’ rental fees on daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on their needs. Also, they have varying rates on mileage, one-way trips, and unlimited travel. Avis, one of the car rental companies in San Diego, charges $40 per day, $20 for a four-hour one-way trip and $0.9 per mile.

Another company Budget offers competitive rates as well. It charges $0.79 per mile, for 3000 miles move, it costs $1695.60. For local movement base, the charges are $29.99. Also, it provides for optional local move insurance for $17.95. However, the time permitted for extended moves is ten days. Other companies like Penske offer a 10 percent discount on their rates. For a 3000 mile trip, the cost is $1735, to use the van just within a town; the cost is $29.95 and an additional charge of $0.79 per mile. The insurance for the local trips cost $18 a day. For a one-way trip, the company charges $1561.

Enterprise, on the other hand, offers $0.59 per mile, $ 80 base price per a day. To hire a van for ten days and to drive 3000 miles they charge $2570 and the insurance is charged at $45 per a day. A survey conducted in various major American cities indicated varying van rental costs. New York City came as the most expensive city to hire a car or a van at an average cost of $72 per day. Other most expensive cities include New Orleans $64 per day, Honolulu $63 per day and Washington $59 per day. Among the cheapest cities for car and truck, rental services are Boston $55 per a day, Newark $ 54 per day, Charlotte $53 per day and Austin $ 49 per day.

Passenger Vans

Not all cargo vans are only used for storage. Many people use cargo vans a large vans to transport people. The come in 12 and 15 passenger vans and can be rented from the same people that rent the open hull cargo vans. These are great for transporting groups, teams, and parties around the city. If you are going to be moving luggage with the groups make sure you have room because they often have limited truck storage space. Make sure to get insurance and drive safely on the roads. These vans are more difficult to drive than normal cars especially with trailers on them.

Buying a Cargo Van

If you are going to be using a cargo van long term it may be worth it to purchase a new or used cargo van. Many of the companies that rent their vans out sell them at the end of their use. You can often get the best deals on cargo vans from auctions such as rental car, government, and used car auctions.

In conclusion, if you are looking to rent a cargo van you are in the right place. We cover and review all of the major renters and give you the information you need to save money and operate the vehicles. There are many options to choose from so we hope we have made your choice in renting a little easier.

Rental Tips from our Pros

Look for deals!
Removing personal items from a home or place of business can be a daunting task. Cargo vans help to mitigate the effort used for such endeavors. Ranging anywhere from $20 to $35 dollars a day, cargo van rentals aid in transporting a great deal of belongings in a short time span. The amount you will pay for cargo van rentals can be minimized by using websites like and Kayak. These companies compare the rental rates of top companies so you can choose the cheapest, most effective alternative!

Save time by renting from big brands!
To ensure that your moving experience is as hassle-free as possible, you will need to choose from a national name brand rental company. If you do not want to return your rental van to its original location, a national brand will typically have many other closer alternatives to choose from.

Ask Questions about the rental before you sign the paperwork
Every individual mover has their own individual needs. Luckily, a consumer can choose from a wide variety of companies, including Enterprise, Avis, Penske, Budget Truck Rental, and Ryder. If you find that you will need to travel a considerable distance, you may want to purchase insurance. It’s likely that you will not need it; however, you will save yourself a substantial sum of money by forgoing any risks associated with moving.

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