Budget Cargo Van Rental

Budget Cargo Van Rental is a great way for people to get their things from one place to another when they are moving. There are 500 locations that they can choose from.

At these centers, there are a total of 30,000 vehicles that can be rented. Budget Cargo Van Rental wants their customers to be happy with their experience with the company.

budget cargo vanThe Three Types Of Vans That Are Offered By Budget Cargo Van Rental

There are three different sizes that customers can pick from. The metro, the city, and the refrigerated cargo vans all offer a different plus for customers.

The metro van is the smallest unit. This van runs at $49 per day. For $59 per day, a person can get a larger unit called the city van, and it will take them where they want to go.

The third type is the refrigerated cargo van, which is made to keep items cool. It goes for the rate of $69 per day. These vans are all available to customers when they call the toll free number.

They will be able to get them quickly, and these vans will be able to transport things all over the country if they want them to.

Budget Cargo Van Rental Has Over Eight Decades Of Experience

Since Budget Cargo Van Rental has over eight decades of experience, their staff is knowledgeable and professional. People can check into one of their locations and get a rental unit right away without waiting in line.

The excellent service is apparent, and customers always feel that they are treated right.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Budget Cargo Van Rental?

The best benefit of using the Budget Cargo Van Rental is that there is an option for unlimited mileage. This makes it an exceptional value for many people that are planning to take their things far.

Another benefit to using this company for a van rental is that their experience allows them to stand up against the competition. They also offer insurance plans and an emergency roadside service that operates on a 24-hour basis.

Budget Cargo Van Rental has been serving the public for many years. They have plenty of satisfied customers and are always looking for more to add.

When a person does business with Budget Cargo Van Rental, they are sure to be more than satisfied with the service that they receive and with the price.

Budget One Way Cargo Van Rental

Are you moving to a faraway city and can’t return your rented vehicle to the same drop-off location? Stranded somewhere with cargo too big to fit in a normal size vehicle? Or headed to a business conference with a bunch of extra cargo needed for your booth only while you’re there? Cargo vans can be used for many different reasons.

The beauty of a cargo van is that your options are not limited in what is being transported. And if necessary can be rented for one way trips as well.


Budget cargo van rentals can offer some of the best bangs for your buck if you’re undecided on what vehicle would be best for transporting needs whether it be people or cargo or even people and cargo.

The cargo van offers a seating capacity of five people and a cargo capacity of 200 plus cubic feet that is sheltered from the sun, rain, and snow. Falling under the car class of vans and wagons, the cargo van offers a fuel economy range of 17 mpg on the highway and 13 mpg in the city.

The cargo vans include additional features such as power steering, power breaks, dual faced mirrors, and tie down slates.


Pricing for a cargo van rental is dependent upon the location where the vehicle is picked up and where the vehicle is dropped off. If you’re picking the van up in one place and dropping it off in another, it tends to be a little pricier than if you were to return the vehicle to the same drop-off location.

The additional costs for a different drop-off location can run from about an additional $25 a day to an additional $50 plus per day.

Driver and Restrictions

When renting a van for any trip, it should be considered who the driver of the rented vehicle will be. Budget allows anyone over the age of 25 to rent a vehicle and some locations allow for rentals to individuals that are between the ages of 18-24.

However, renters that fall within the 18-24 age bracket need to keep in mind that they may need to be exposed to additional rental rules and surcharges if they chose to rent a vehicle.

The most glaring difference in the additional rules is that Budget will require the renter to use a valid acceptable credit card for their rental. The use of a debit card is not allowed by renters under 25.