Cargo Van Rental Recalls

The media has portrayed failures in the production of vehicles. In recent years, the number has doubled. GM is just one of the many manufacturers to have recalls involving cargo vans.

Ford and Chevrolet have had their share of recent recalls. In the last few years, a number of cargo vans have been sent back to the manufacturer with issues.

A cargo van is used in many areas of business. These vehicles carry cargo to thousands of customers. Many businesses use these vehicles to transport goods from one location to another.

Consumers need a safe and reliable vehicle to provide a service to the public.

3200 cargo vans from general motors’ have been recalled. These gas powered vehicles have the potential cause to either catch fire or cause an explosion due to a gas leak.

This recall doesn’t just affect the 2014 models. It dates back to 2011. This defectiveness of the collection of vehicles is a major concern for consumers. The potential of a gas leak puts people’s lives at risk.

Ford is another manufacturer who has made recent news lately, and it isn’t good news. They have a similar amount of recalls. 3000 is their number.

What was their reason for their recalls you may ask? These vehicles have a number of mechanical issues. The sliding door, brake hose and windshield were the reason they recalled.

Each of these different mechanical problems could lead to a fatal situation with a vehicle and its consumer.

Each manufacturer and their recalls have the potential of being fatal to those who own and drive these vehicles. Consumers need to be aware of each and every vehicle recall on the market, whether it is a cargo van or not.

Each recall mention is a major concern to be aware of. The media had a duty to report recalls to the public.