Ryder Cargo Van Rental

Why Choose Ryder Cargo Van Rentals?

Whatever your moving needs may be, Ryder has made it simple to rent a cargo van in your area. Choose from a variety of pick up and drop off locations, some of the most competitive prices in the industry, as well as many different sized vans for your specific needs.
Ryder makes it simple to either rent online, in person, or over the phone at over 500 locations across the country.
Here are just some of the benefits of renting your next cargo van with Ryder.ryder cargo van

Why Book Ryder Cargo Vans

Renting your next cargo van could not be any easier when you choose Ryder. Choose from a large fleet of vans from one of over 500 pick up locations across the country. Ryder has over eight decades of experience backing every single rental.
Ryder helps you to get on the road faster with no lines and a large variety of vans at each location.Where to Book

Ryder Cargo Vans

When you visit the Ryder website, simply type in your current location, and the website will show you a large amount of pick up locations within a few miles of where you are.
Our 500 nationwide locations have over 30,000 rentals available from the most trusted rental agency in the industry.

Benefits of Ryder Cargo Vans

One of the reasons you can trust Ryder is because of the low rental prices for their cargo vans. In addition to the most competitive van rental rates in the industry, the vans are also available with unlimited miles rentals.
Whether you need to rent the van for the day to move office furniture, or move an entire business across the country, Ryder has the perfect cargo van for you.
Rentals are available for one way trips anywhere in the country.

Types/Prices of Ryder Cargo Vans

Consider one of three different cargo vans for your next move across town or across the country. Use Ryders toll free phone service to locate the nearest rental center, then experience the fastest check in and check out in the rental business.

The metro van is the smallest light duty van in the fleet and available starting at $49 a day. The city van has more cargo space and is extremely easy to navigate on the busiest of roadways and available starting at $59 a day.

The refrigerated cargo van will keep all your items cold and is available starting at $69 a day.

Ryder offers both flexible insurance options and a 24 hour roadside emergency service to make certain you are never alone during your entire rental.

Ryder Cargo Van Rental Options

Moving large items can be a huge headache. Whether you are relocating houses, going to college, or buying furniture, it is difficult and can be very stressful. The last thing you want to be worried about is making sure your possessions are not being mishandled by a moving company.

The best way to make sure all of your property is safe is to transport it yourself instead. While this is more cost-effective than hiring someone to move your property for you, it can still be expensive, or you can end up with unreliable transportation.

However, with Ryder Cargo vans, neither one of this is a problem.

Lowest Prices for Unlimited Mileage Rentals

Ryder Cargo Vans has the most competitive rates in the industry. For its smallest van,the metro van, they charge $49 a day. Its larger option, the city van, is available for $59 a day. And if you have a lot of things that need to be kept cold, there is also a refrigerated cargo van that is available for $69 a day. Unlike other rental companies, there is no mileage fee at all. Unlimited milage rentals are particularly handy for out-of-state moves where even small fees per mile would add up quickly.

One Way Rental Options

In addition to unlimited mileage rentals, Ryder Cargo Van also offers a one way rental option as well. This means that your journey ends at your destination, not at the rental company.

With the one way rental option, you can relax and unpack without worrying about bringing your cargo van back. This is an especially good option for those traveling alone.

Ryder Cargo Vans offer 24-hour roadside assistance just in case something happens to your rental vehicle as well as flexible insurance policies. This makes your cargo van truly reliable because you will never be alone and out of options on the side of the road.