U-Haul Cargo Van Rental

In an era where there is a heavy demand to move from one part of the city or state to another and in order to fill that need, U-Haul offers their customers a variety of transportation vehicles.

Even with our dislike to move, many of us would prefer to rent a U-Haul truck and do the deed ourselves, rather than pay someone else to do it for us.

uhaul cargo vanAs one of the leading truck rental companies in the United States, customers can budget their moving experience based on whether it is for a local trip or something a lot longer.

The vehicles are all in good working condition with average dimensions that cover over 9 feet of storage space in the holding area.

These are gentle ride vehicles that can hold up to 35 gallons of fuel and average about 16 mpg.

Whether it is a mom and pop convenience store, a gas station or a full service establishment, U-Haul has more than 15,000 locations in different parts of North America and in several areas of Canada.

Trucks are generally easy to board and if you need to tow your car, you can always add a hitch to the truck and off you go. In addition to that, you know that your valuables will not suffer during the move, especially with new vehicles and excellent suspensions.

One of the reasons why customers flock to U-Haul is because of their excellent prices and considering the fact that rentals start at a measly $19.95 for a local haul, you can’t ask for more than that.

Economically speaking, the fact that U-Haul keeps low mileage vehicles that are also low in profile, simply means that you will get the best mileage for your dollar.

There are several other advantages to choosing a U-Haul vehicle, other than the great prices and economical ride, there is also the fact that you can’t miss these highly visible trucks.

Low mileage and properly maintained, you will be confident in knowing that when you crank the engine it will turn over the first time every time.

One Way U-Haul Cargo Van Rentals

For those who plan on leaving and never coming back, U-Haul has you covered with a one way rental option.

Even though the possibility is very slim, if the truck you were assigned suddenly decides that it needs a rest, U-Haul offers a 24 hour emergency service, just so that you won’t end up stranded in the middle of nowhere.

U-Haul cargo vans are designed to help people move smaller loads in town or across the county at an affordable rate. These vans are the perfect size for smaller households and are easy to maneuver through busy traffic areas.

Businesses also use U-Haul cargo vans because of their versatility and fuel efficiency. They are able to deliver products and merchandise from one location to another without the hassle or expense that is connected to ownership, such as insurance premiums and maintenance.

U-Haul takes the stress out of moving with their cargo van options for both business and personal use.

U-Haul Cargo Van Options

The cargo vans are equipped with automatic transmissions, air conditioning, V-8 engines, tie downs, rub rails, and Gentle-Ride suspension. These help keep the items safe in the back and the people comfortable up front.

They have seating for 2 adults, carry loads up to 3,673 lbs., and are big enough to fit a queen sized mattress. The 16 mpg fuel efficiency rating allows users to save money on each trip.

U-Haul offers customers daily, monthly, weekly, or extended mile rates to accommodate their specific needs. They have a wide range of rental options from pickup trucks, cargo vans, trailers, and up to 26 foot trucks.

The cargo van has the ability to tow a U-Haul trailer, which creates even more space.

One way cargo van rentals are a popular option for many people who are moving from one town to another.

Instead of unlimited miles, U-Haul pre-calculates them to ensure that the move can be fully completed, and more miles can be purchased if the allotted amount is exceeded.

U-Haul mileage packages are based on the distance between the destination and the origin with a slight buffer added on for the customer’s convenience.

U-Haul is in the business of helping people move efficiently with products that are based around convenience and organization. Each U-Haul cargo van has an extensive list of safety features including high visibility mirrors, SR/air-bags, seat belts, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

All of their vehicles go through regular equipment inspections and verification programs to ensure they are clean and well maintained. U-Haul is the moving and storage resource rental company that knows what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Remember U-Haul is the place to go for all moving and storage rentals.