Renting a Cargo Van: Budget vs. Alamo Which One Is Better?

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When you are dealing with the prospect of moving or simply transporting heavy items, there are many logistics to think about.

How will you get from one location to the next, and how do you know your items will stay safe? And another important consideration is how much all of it will cost.

Of all the options for renting a vehicle, two top companies to consider are Budget and Alamo.

Both are smaller companies that operate independently of their parent companies, which are Avis and Enterprise, respectively.

While you might notice some similarities between these companies and their parent entities, there are distinct differences between the two.


Budget has been around for over 50 years (it was established in 1958). While it originated in California, the company is now headquartered in New Jersey.

As its name implies, Budget is a top choice as a rental car company for people who want to save money on their trucks and vans. There is almost always a good deal that one can take advantage of when booking through Budget.

Amazon customers, for instance, can save up to 30% on the base rate of their vehicle rentals. After returning a rental car, they are eligible for getting 10% back on a gift card to

Amazon Alexa customers can get up to 20% back from their car rental in the form of an Amazon gift card. Along with the Amazon partnership, there are a variety of other good deals that you will find to make your Budget rental more affordable, too.


Alamo was founded in Florida in 1974. Today, its headquarters are in Clayton, Missouri. Alamo, like Enterprise, has a very user-friendly site and premium customer service.

Online, you have the option to make a reservation and check in before you arrive to pick up your vehicle.

There are a number of locations where you can find an Alamo center, as the company has branches all over the world. On the company’s website, it’s easy to find a location closest to you.

In a simple step-by-step process, you can select the vehicle you want, a time and date, and extra features or special requests you have, such as additional moving supplies.

Alamo offers a number of benefits for its customers, including the option for a one-way rental. Special rental prices and deals are available for qualifying customers, and you might be surprised by the offer of a last-minute special when you reserve a car.

Alamo also features an “Alamo Insiders” club that customers can join to accumulate rewards and get good deals on future rentals.

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Cargo Van Rental Options

Both Budget and Alamo have cargo vans available for rent.


With them, you’ll be able to reserve a two-seat cargo van with a maximum payload of 3,610 pounds and up to 443 cubic feet of storage space. This truck has an estimated fuel economy of 8-14 MPG.

It has an interior height of 54 inches and a total length just short of 11 feet. This van has an eight-foot clearance.

Other amenities that you’ll find in the cargo van include tie-downs to keep your cargo from shifting, power steering, air conditioning, airbags, and power brakes.

A van of this size is ideal for carrying items for a studio or one-bedroom apartment.


Cargo vans are also available through Alamo. If you choose Alamo as your car rental company, you’ll get a standard-size cargo van such as a Chevy Express.

This versatile van is ideal for transporting work supplies or moving. It has seating for two passengers and basic amenities such as air conditioning, an automatic transmission, and an AM/FM stereo.

The Chevy Express seats two passengers, but it can be modified to accommodate up to five passengers if needed. Like Budget, Alamo gives customers the option of using the car for a one-way rental.

If you want a smaller van, Alamo has the option of renting a compact cargo van, such as a Nissan NV200.

With a van of this size, you’ll get seating for two passengers and additional storage space for your gear in the back.



When you rent a van from Budget, expect to pay a rate of $19.99 per day. You will also pay an additional $0.89 per mile after going over the mileage limit in your rental contract.

You can choose to rent a van for a day, week, or longer. You have the option of either returning the vehicle to the same location or a different end destination.

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An appealing and convenient fact about renting through Alamo’s website is that you can choose an option for flexible dates. This means that if you want a specific van, you can find out easily when it is available.


With a cargo van rental from Alamo, you should expect to pay a base rate of $80 per day. There is no additional charge for mile, as mileage is unlimited.

This price is before any special deals and discounts that you get. Keep in mind that last-minute specials, which are sometimes available, can make it more affordable to rent a van too.

Reserving a car online through the website is the cheapest way to make a reservation, and it can save you up to 30% on the cost of the car.

With Alamo you have the option of renting a van for one-way travel or a multi-destination journey. Cargo vans through Alamo are available for personal and business use.

If you do rent a van for business purposes, you are eligible for perks through the company’s business rewards programs.


While you can rent a cargo van from a number of places, it makes sense that you want to find the best one. Fortunately, both Budget and Alamo are great options for getting a comfortable, clean, well-maintained cargo van.

With convenient locations across the country and abroad, the options for rentals with both companies are extensive.

Be sure to keep an eye out for special pricing and discounts available with both companies, which makes renting a car you need even more affordable.