Cargo Van Rental Comparison: Budget vs Avis

Cargo van

From comparing the cost to location, conveniences, and customer service, there are many things to look for in a car rental company.

Some offer comprehensive moving services, including moving supplies and loading/unloading assistance, while others offer just moving trucks and vans.

Comparing rental companies can seem like apples and oranges. So when you’re evaluating all the similarities and differences between Budget and Avis, how do they compare? Is one better for your needs than the other?


If your main priority is value, Budget may be your best bet. Reviewers give it top ratings for its prices, which are some of the most competitive in the industry.

In addition to matching its competitors’ prices, Budget also offers generous deals and incentives. Budget was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1958.

Its parent entity is Avis, which also offers affordable cars and cargo vans for rent around the nation, and even around the world.

Although Budget is smaller than Avis and some of the other big car rental companies, it has a number of convenient locations around the country.

Consumers enjoy renting from Budget for its great deals offered through strategic partnerships.

One such deal is its Amazon Benefits program that rewards customers with various savings, usually in the form of a rebate or an Amazon gift card, when they return their rental car.

Budget also offers discounts for people who spend at least $175 on a rental car. Long-term (monthly) discounts of 10% are also given for extended rentals.

Rentals in select locations also qualify for discounts, and it’s not uncommon to find special seasonal rates. If you’re looking for a moving van or cargo van plus basic moving accessories, you’ll find that at Budget.


Since Avis owns Budget, you’ll find a number of similarities between the two. However, keep in mind that they operate independently of one another, which means that there are some notable differences, too.

Avis van

While Budget has historically catered to college students, families, and other drivers looking for discount car rentals, Avis has traditionally catered to business owners and business travelers.

However, it is trying to broaden its reach by expanding its locations to more non-airport sites. This means it’s increasingly easier to find an Avis rental service near you.

Avis gets a nod of approval for its user-friendly website that makes renting a van or truck easy and painless.

Avis also offers rewards, but they are still targeted more to the small business owner.

So if you are renting a cargo van or moving truck for business purposes, you’re in a better position to take advantage of its discounts, such as the corporate rewards program. AARP members can also get discounts through Avis.

Rental Car Programs


When you want to rent cars for moving, you’ll find options available for cargo vans and trucks at both Budget and Avis.

If you need to move or transport goods, Budget has a user-friendly page that outlines each vehicle’s specs and what kind of situation it helps for.

The page on cargo vans, for example, tells you that a traditionally sized cargo van, such as a Chevy Express, is the best choice for moving up to 2,000 pounds. A truck of this size seats up to two passengers.

It has a maximum payload of 3,610 pounds, an interior height of 54 inches, and an interior that is nearly 11 feet long. The cargo van has a clearance of eight feet.

Inside, its amenities include power steering, tie-downs, and power brakes. Along with a van itself, you can rent ancillary moving equipment. The truck rental page outlines all your options.


Along with its regular car rental services, Avis rents cargo vans and trucks through its Avis Trucks division. True to its name, Avis Trucks offers a “truck for every job.”

This ranges from a pickup truck to compact, regular, and extended-length cargo vans to commercial-size moving vehicles of 15 feet to 24 feet.

If you don’t need to transport much gear, the mini mover (a compact cargo van, such as the Nissan NV 2500) is an ideal choice. This cargo van easily transports smaller loads.

It’s more fuel-efficient than its larger peers, which is significant as the cost of fuel for a large truck can add up.

How Much Does it Cost?


Renting through Budget, you’ll pay $19.99 per day, plus an additional fee of $0.89 per mile, for a cargo van or a 12-foot moving truck. A convenient feature of the company’s website is that they have an option for selecting flexible dates.

This is a good way to ensure you’ll get the truck you want at your preferred pick-up location. Budget offers a choice between renting a vehicle for one-way travel or returning to the same location.

Man with a car key

Upgrading to a 16-foot moving truck costs $29.99 per day, and upgrading to a 26-foot truck costs $39.99 per day.

The rate for additional mileage, which is $0.89 per mile, is the same for all of the company’s moving vans, regardless of length.

If you want to tow your own car, you’ll have that option with a moving truck sized 16 feet and up.


If you rent through Avis, expect to pay a rate of $75 per day for a commercial vehicle. You may have the option to “pay now” on the website, depending on the vehicle’s availability, which gives you a 30% discount on the car.

Depending on the season, you might also get a special rate for your moving truck. Renting a larger commercial truck costs more – expect a daily rate of about $170 to $180.

Renting a van, such as a Ford Transit, costs about $220 each day.


When you’re in need of a cargo van or a rental truck, you’ll find good choices at both Budget and Avis. If you are looking for the best value, Budget is the better option.

But Avis offers quality customer service and great deals for businesses. Both companies also offer additional supplies to facilitate a move, no matter how close or far you are traveling.