Sample Cargo Van Rental Company

This is what you should look for if you are renting a cargo van from a company for use:

Rent our vans today!  Here at Cargo & Co. we ensure that you will receive nothing but the best customer service and will walk away fully satisfied.  After years of hard work we are now able to offer you the highest quality vans at the best value.

So no more paying extra for unnecessary space or equipment.  All of our vans undergo a rigorous safety inspection and after each cargo van rental they are cleaned and inspected once more.  Cargo & Co. is the standard in cargo van rentals.


We understand that not everyone has a driver’s license here in the city, so here at Cargo & Co. we have come up with a way to solve that problem!  We are now the first cargo van rental company to provide driver’s.

Thats right!  Just tell our professional driver’s where you want them to go, and they will meet you there on time or you get your money back!


At Cargo & Co. we understand that bigger isn’t always better.  Why pay more for something that you don’t need?  We have two different styles of vans varying in both size and functionality.

Please examine the info below to ensure you are able to find the one that suits you best.

  • The Go-Go Van is our smallest model and is the perfect size for moving in/out of a dorm or apartment.  If you need to haul a few boxes across town but don’t want to have to make more than one trip than this is the van for you
  • The Trooper is our larger model.  Perfect for moving furniture, hauling machinery, or even a large group of people, as seats can be put in upon request (making it great for road trips). This is also the recommended model for film crews and any private detectives staging stakeouts.

All of our cargo rental vans feature A/C, AM/FM Radio, and an Auxiliary port for iPhones and Mp3 players.

We look forward to doing business with you here at Cargo & Co. Cargo Van Rental!