Renting A Cargo Van In Chicago, Illinois

Looking to rent a cargo van in the windy city?

Cargo vans are often needed if you are in the process of moving. They can provide a place to put your things in the process of transporting them.

It is often impossible to put all of your belongings in your vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes cargo vans can be quite expensive to rent.

However, it is possible to find cargo vans for a reasonable price. In fact, the average price of a cargo van rental is 35 dollars per day.

The types of Cargo Vans Available:

Cargo vans come in a variety of different types. Some cargo vans have windows on the sides. Others are windowless in the back. Also, if you have a large number of passengers, there are vans that accommodate that.

These vans are referred to as passenger vans, and they have room in the back for passengers.

Rental Plans For Cargo Vans:

There are two basic types of rental plans for vans. The most traditional is a two way rental where you drop off the van at the location you pick it up. For in-town jobs this is great, but for long distances it is not practical.

Luckily many va rental locations offer one way rentals. These rentals allow a person to bring the rental to a different location on the return. This is preferable for people who have to move a number of miles.

Some companies charge for mileage traveled on a van rental. Of course, this would not be a good thing if you are traveling for a very long distance.

For long distance travel, it would be necessary to find unlimited mileage rentals.

Top Places To Rent Cargo Vans From In Chicago:

There are a variety of different companies that you can rent cargo vans from. It is possible to rent cargo vans from small companies and large ones alike.

National companies, such as UHaul rent cargo vans in Chicago. However, you can also rent cargo vans from smaller companies. Elite Truck Rental is a smaller cargo van rental business located in Chicago.

There are a number of different Budget Truck Rental locations in Chicago and the surrounding areas. This company is a large company that rents cargo vans and other vehicles that could be used for moving.

Look into the individual Budget Truck Rental location that you are considering going to.

The different locations get different reviews. For instance, the Oak Park location got one star on Yelp. However, the Berwyn location got 3 stars. It is important to note that Budget does offer unlimited mileage rentals with cargo vans.

Here are the locations:

  • Moving Chicago LLC is located within the city limits of Chicago.
    Address is 2241 N Elston Avenue
    Phone 773-252-0298
  • Fleet Services LLC is also within the city limits.
    They are located at 1005 W Huron Street.
    Phone Number 312-226-3073.
  • Budget of Wabush is located in Chicago, as well.
    At 1830 Wabush Avenue.
    Phone number is 312-326-4021.
  • Chicago Moves No Inbounds is located at 5450 Western Avenue.
    Telephone number is 773-539-8044.

Also, Uhaul rents vans that can be used for moving. Uhaul has some different locations in the Chicago, Illinois area. Additionally, Uhaul seems to get good reviews.

Some of the Uhaul locations even got five out of five stars! Uhaul has vans, but they also have moving trucks that you can rent. There are six different locations in Chicago that you can rent a Uhaul cargo van or moving truck from!

Here are the exact locations:

  • East Coast Pantry offers Uhaul rentals.
    Their address is 611 S Wells St.
    Phone 312-267-2864.
  • Jan Enterprises is located at 1040 N Kingsbury St.
  • Erie Collision Center also offers Uhaul rentals.
    629 N Ashland Avenue.
  • Elar Auto Rebuilders Inc. is located at 1846 S Canalport Avenue.
    They are available by phone at 312-212-8040.
  • Mr. Flower and Mr. Ping Pong offers Uhaul rentals.
    They are at 1647 W Chicago Avenue.  773-205-4284.
  • Division Noble Service Station offers Uhaul rentals.
    They are located at 1400 W Division Street or 773-770-8790.

Elite Truck Rental is a business that is local to Chicago, Illinois. This business is local, but they work with Hertz and Penske.

Their Penske truck rentals can be one way rentals! This means that if you are moving a distance away from Chicago, you will not have to drive back to Chicago with the truck! Also, Elite Truck Rental offers moving boxes.

They have different sizes of trucks and vans to choose from, as well.

  • Elite Truck Rental
    265 N Western Avenue.

If you choose to use the Penske truck rentals, you can return the trucks at another Penske location.

Penske is a very large company, and this means that you can return them at a wide variety of different locations throughout the country!