Cargo Van Rental: Enterprise vs Avis Which One Should I Pick?

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When you need to rent a cargo van, where do you go? There are dozens of companies that promise quality cars, good deals, and other conveniences.

If the thought of narrowing down your rental car company to one choice sounds overwhelming, understanding ownership structure helps.

In reality, there are three major car companies: Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis. Collectively, these entities own the others. Essentially, your search for a cargo van is narrowed down already.

For whatever reason, you may have concluded that of these three parent companies, Avis and Enterprise are your top choices for a cargo van. Of the two, which is best?


Avis is a car company with headquarters in New Jersey. It was founded in the 1940s with just three transport vehicles for rent. Today, Avis has over 5,550 locations around the world.

And thankfully, many more vehicles to choose from! If you’re in it for the long haul, Avis offers cargo vans that seat anywhere from two to 15 passengers. They are available to rent for both personal and business use.

Avis claims to offer “super-low rates” whenever you rent a van. If you’re using a van for business purposes, Avis offers a corporate rewards program that lets you save up to 25% on the cost of a van.

There are also discounts for repeat customers. And if you book online, Avis assures you’ll get the best rate:

You can also accumulate free rental days as you would air miles. Discounts are available if you meet the company’s qualifications, and you have the advantage of flexibility in your pick-up and drop-off location.


Enterprise is headquartered in Missouri. The company was established in 1957. Along with private car rentals, Enterprise offers commercial truck rentals and management for commercial fleets.

It also manages used car sales. Today, Enterprise is the largest car rental company in the United States. It has more than 9,000 locations in cities nationwide.

It also has over 400 airport locations. Enterprise has locations overseas as well. It also offers a pick-up service if you can’t make it to a designated Enterprise location.

While you can rent a cargo van from Enterprise for any reason, it is considered the “best” among rental companies for local moves:

Since Enterprise specializes in meeting commercial and business needs, it offers a comparatively large selection of vehicles. This includes passenger vehicles, cargo vans, and small trucks.

What You’ll Get With Each


One of the most common cargo vans that Avis offers is a Chevrolet Express. This van features two seats for passengers and basic amenities like air conditioning and an automatic transmission.

If you need more space, you can upgrade to a heavy-duty, extra-large cargo van, which is essentially an extended version of the regular cargo van.

This cargo van has similar amenities, including an automatic transmission, air conditioning, and AM/FM radio. It has over 254 cubic feet of cargo space.

Avis also offers vans with more passenger space, such as the 12-passenger and 15-passenger Ford Transit.


With Enterprise, you have several options for renting a cargo van. Like Avis, Enterprise offers a variety of cargo vans. One of its most popular is the Chevrolet Express cargo van.

Enterprise also offers a RAM ProMaster and a Nissan NV200. The ProMaster comes in several size configurations to best meet your needs, including an extended length.

Various cargo storage compartments and tie-downs to keep cargo in place are other highlights of the ProMaster. Enterprise gives you the option of renting a compact cargo van too, such as the Nissan NV200.

This van also seats up to two passengers. It has additional cargo space for storage, but not as much as a full-size cargo van. A 12-passenger and 15-passenger Ford Transit are also options at Enterprise.

What it Costs to Rent a Van


With Avis, you can either choose to get unlimited mileage up front or have a pre-determined daily mileage limit worked into your rental price.

Since you can get hit with charges for exceeding that mileage, it’s best to get limited mileage only if you know you will be traveling a short distance.

The cost to rent a cargo van from Avis when you pay at the counter is around $149 per day. If you pay online, however, it costs $113.99 per day.

For a two-day rental, you will pay $298 at the counter and around $268 if you book the reservation through the Avis website.

Renting a cargo van for a week costs roughly $1,575 at the counter and $1,338 if you reserve online. Discounts for longer-term rentals may apply.


With Enterprise, you’ll pay a base rate of $80 per day to rent a cargo van. While this is a bit higher than some of its competitors, you also get 200 free miles.

This gives you more freedom and flexibility in your travel plans. If you do not choose the unlimited mileage plan, you will then have to pay $0.19 more for each mile that you clock on the odometer.

Who is Avis Best For?

Ultimately, Avis is considered ideal for people who qualify for its discounts. This includes AARP members and corporate executives who subscribe to its reward programs.

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Avis generally caters to the small business owner, so it offers perks for business travelers like the option for a one-way rental and select vehicles.

Who is Enterprise Best For?

While Avis caters to business executive, Enterprise’s services are geared more towards commercial users and people who are moving. Therefore, it offers a wider selection of cargo vans.

Enterprise also has more locations nationwide than Avis, so you’ll have a better chance of finding a convenient location near you.

Of note, however, is that Enterprise does not yet support one-way vehicle rentals.


No matter whether you choose Avis or Enterprise, your decision ultimately is a personal one. Keep in mind that factors like vehicle availability and pricing can change.

This, of course, can strongly influence your decision. Be aware that it is always a good idea to see if you qualify for discounts that can help with the cost of renting a cargo van, too.

Be sure to check if your preferred rental company offers discounts for local accommodations as well.