Cargo Van Rental Companies: Enterprise vs Penske

Penske van

Whether you need to move or simply have a large vehicle with extra room for luggage, you’ll need a place to find one. Two of the top companies for cargo van rental services are Enterprise and Penske.

You’ve surely heard of both, and probably seen trucks and vans from both companies on the road. But now that you’re deciding which one to go with, is there a “best” option?


Enterprise was founded in Missouri. It has branches across the country, ranging from airports and large cities to smaller towns.

Enterprise rents vehicles of all kinds, but it is perhaps best known for its moving truck and commercial van rental services. In these categories, in fact, Enterprise stands out as one of the top choices.

With fast, easy rental service and numerous local branches, Enterprise is considered the “best” among its competitors for short-term rentals and local moves:


Penske is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania. It has more than 2,300 rental locations for its customers’ convenience.

Penske supports one-way rentals, which is ideal if you are planning a one-way trip or a cross-country move. In fact, Penske is rated as the “best” for long-distance moves:

Along with cargo vans, Penske offers transport trucks in four different sizes. These include a 12-foot, 16-foot, 22-foot, and 26-foot truck.

Penske offers rental pick-up and drop-off services in a variety of conventional and less conventional locations, including airports, cities, and even some Home Depot stores.

While you won’t be able to bring your own vehicle along with a 12-foot truck, renting a truck-sized 16 feet or larger means that you’ll have that capability.

The Cost of Renting


If you’re considering Enterprise for your cargo van or truck rental needs, expect a flat fee of about $80 per day, on average, for a cargo van. With this, you will get 200 miles free.

After that, a fee of $0.19 per mile is tacked on, provided you don’t get unlimited mileage. To rent a small truck, you will pay $74.99 as a flat fee.

While this is a bit more expensive upfront than many of its competitors offer, you will not have to pay for additional mileage costs after that. These figures are just a generic rate, however.

Dollar bills

Specials and discounts may apply to help you get a van or truck for a lower rate. One thing to consider with Enterprise is that while many car companies up their prices on the weekend, Enterprise takes the opposite approach.

When you rent a truck anytime over the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, you’ll get a special weekend deal on pricing.


When you rent from Penske, it costs anywhere from $200 to $400 per day to rent a truck. This is dependent on the truck size that you get. A cargo van costs closer to $200 per day to rent, while a small truck costs closer to $300 per day.

Larger 22-foot and 26-foot trucks average more around $400. If you rent a cargo van, you have an option of selecting either a regular van or one with a higher roof.

Whichever vehicle you choose, renting from Penske means that there are no added mileage fees attached if you’re doing a one-way rental.

If you are renting a van or truck to move, an advantage of using Penske is that it offers loading and unloading assistance through its partner company, Simple Moving Labor.

Like Enterprise, Penske periodically offers deals, such as seasonal specials, that can help reduce the cost of renting a vehicle. Certain segments of the population, such as AAA members, college students, and members of the military, are also entitled to discounts.

If you are an active AAA member, or if you sign up to become a member when you rent your van or truck, you’ll get a 12% discount on a truck or van when you rent through Penske’s website.

Your Choice of Vehicles


Along with offering good value for local moves, Enterprise stands out for its large selection of vehicles, which is more comprehensive than many brands offer.

Enterprise has a variety of options for cargo vans. Renting from Enterprise, you can choose between a standard cargo van, such as the Chevrolet Express, and a heavier duty van with a payload capacity of over 4,000 pounds and room for two passengers.

This van features power steering, an automatic transmission, and air conditioning for a more comfortable ride.

With an extra-large heavy duty van, the payload increases to nearly 4,000 pounds and the cargo capacity extends to 254 cubic feet.

Specialty vans, such as a high-roof cargo van for oversized goods and a compact cargo van that offers less space but the best fuel economy, are other options.


The light-duty cargo van from Penske is 12 feet long. It has a maximum payload of 3,500 pounds. Power steering, cargo doors in the sides and in the back, and 260 cubic feet of loading space are highlights of this truck.

Man driving

The cabin seats two passengers and has conveniences like air conditioning, a USB charging port, and an automatic transmission. You also have the option of renting a cargo van with a high roof.

The 12-foot and 16-foot trucks also seat two passengers, while the 22-foot and 26-foot trucks have bench seating for three.

Estimated MPG for the cargo van, 12-foot truck, and 16-foot truck is 12. For the 22-foot and 26-foot trucks, it improves to 13 MPG.

This handy comparison chart makes it easy to choose the truck you need based on your own unique considerations:


Ultimately, Enterprise is a top choice for short-distance moves. It offers reasonable rates, and you can rent equipment and accessories like furniture pads to safely transport your belongings.

Enterprise does not offer one-way rentals, however. Penske is a top choice for long-distance moves and adventures. It is one of few rental companies that supports one-way moves.

With Penske, you can tow a car if needed and rent a variety of accessories to make moving easier. You can also use the help of their partner services for moving assistance.