Enterprise vs Ryder: Comparing Cargo Van Rentals

Ryder VS Enterprise logos

If you are comparing Enterprise and Ryder for your rentals, you are in good hands as both these companies are well-known for the customer service.

Besides, their business model is similar to each other making it convenient for customers to evaluate their price quotes.

The following information will further help you in making the right decision:



With over 270 locations, Enterprise is becoming a well-known brand in the automobile rental business. One of the advantages of renting with Enterprise is the variety of cargo vehicles on offer.

It’s like flipping through a catalog as you are spoiled for choice selecting anything from straight trucks to pickup trucks, and cargo vans. Just like its car rental service, it also offers 24-hour roadside assistance.

However, if you want to move long distance, you will need to return the vehicle at the same spot, which can be a problem for long-haul movers.


Ryder trucks are available in more than 500 locations making it one of the largest providers of cargo moving service.

It is a practical choice for anyone who is a do-it-yourself type of person because every driver will need to handle insurance charges and other damages, themselves.

Just like Enterprise trucks, another downside of the service is leaving the truck at the same location, which is a hassle for long-distance moves. Still, it should not put you off because Ryder is known to offer extremely competitive prices compared to other companies.



Enterprise trucks and cargo vans do not have a fixed price package, which means that there are many optional services.

Most price estimates offered by the company do not include miscellaneous charges such as insurance, fuel, and damages; therefore it is wise to calculate every item independently before committing to rent.

If you are moving from one city to another, you will need to drop the truck at the same location, which can really add up on fuel costs.

On a positive note, Enterprise can be the best choice if you want to move inside the city or to a nearby location because extra charges will be reduced, and you are likely to get an excellent base rate.


A competitive pricing model is secret to the success of the company. Consumers also like the standard base rate for vans and trucks, which means that you already know what you are going to pay on a daily basis.

On the flip-side, the price can often get confusing considering that you will need to pay all your miscellaneous charges. Similarly, you should also keep an eye on pickup and drop timings as they can impact the final price quote.

Overall, Ryder is a great choice if you are not doing long-haul rentals and you are able to calculate your charges accurately.



Enterprise will offer different insurance choices as an optional service. Instead of opting for a packaged insurance, drivers can ask for protection coverage, which ranges from $21.99 to $39.99 per driver.

It includes basic services including a damage waiver. The company also offers personal accident insurance cover for life and accidental injuries, which starts at $7 per day.

You can also get roadside assistance insurance, if necessary. Regarding insurance, Enterprise suggests that drivers should also check their own insurance policy because their credit card protection and automobile insurance may already cover them.


Unlike Enterprise, Ryder offers insurance packages for physical damage and liability coverage. Accordingly, you can either select the basic package or upgrade to a premium.

For about $25 per day, drivers can opt between standard and premium physical damage accident insurance.

If you are involved in an accident, you still need to pay up to $500 or $1000 deductible, based on the insurance category selected.

Likewise, there is also premium liability insurance for about $36 per day, which offers insurance up to a million dollar. The basic liability insurance may cost a little less, but it will only cover the driver for minimum limits required by the state law.

Ryder logo

As there is not much difference in the two categories of liability insurance, it pays to take the premium liability insurance because you don’t want to fiddle with State law books to find what you will get if an accident occurs.

The Verdict


Enterprise is known for its competitive pricing and great customer service. It means you will always get competitive pricing for your rentals.

If you are moving inside the city or you are comfortable in dropping the vehicle at the same location, always consider enterprise as one of the best options in the market.

If you are still not sure about the exact day of moving your cargo, Enterprise does not charge any cancellation fees even if you decide to cancel at the last minute.

This is a huge advantage over its competitors.

On the other side, long-distance moves outside the city may not be a practical option with Enterprise because the company does not allow drivers to drop the vehicle in a separate location.

In addition, you will need to be careful in calculating the total price because enterprise website does not provide information on the number of independent factors that can increase the overall budget.


Ryder is a company that has built itself on competitive pricing. The customer experience starts from the time you log onto its website. The user-friendly process of selecting the vehicle and booking it for a ride is uncomplicated and very easy.

If you are the type of person who sticks to a schedule, then there is nothing better than hiring a Ryder truck as there is also a very convenient cancellation fee.

In contrast to a user-friendly booking experience, the task can often become overwhelming due to the number of choices Ryder offers.

These choices may not come with truck size; therefore, make sure that you don’t end up ordering the wrong truck. It should also be noted that Ryder is mostly geared towards commercial customers.

As such, details of truck sizes and related policies are often missing, which requires a telephone call or a discussion with the customer service representative.