Cargo Van Comparison: Enterprise vs U-Haul – Which One Is Better?

Logo of U Haul and Enterprise

Deciding that you need to rent a cargo van is easy. Choosing where to get it, though, is a little harder.

In some ways, it would be easier to just have one option for a rental! But today, you have many. And this is ultimately a good thing, as it means you have more control when it comes to pricing, destination, and choosing a vehicle of the right size.

Two companies that stand out for cargo van rentals and moving are Enterprise and U-Haul.


Enterprise originated in Missouri. It was established in 1960 as a local car rental company. Now, Enterprise has a much broader presence.

With over 9,000 locations in cities across the country, along with hundreds of airport locations, there are few places you won’t find an Enterprise. This sheer size makes Enterprise the largest car company in the country.

And with a company of that size comes many choices of vehicles to rent. Enterprise is known for its large selection of cargo vans and small trucks for personal and business use.

The fact that Enterprise has so many local offices makes it one of the most convenient rental companies. Also notable is that it has a pick-up service that brings you to your rental vehicle instead of making you go get the car.


U-Haul is one of the most popular moving companies. It is also rated as one of the best for overall value:

U-Haul is based in Arizona, and it was founded in 1945. Like Enterprise, U-Haul has branched out significantly since its humble beginnings in a Phoenix garage.

Today, customers can pick up or drop off a U-Haul rental in one of over 20,000 locations. Along with vehicles for transportation, U-Haul offers a range of moving supplies, such as boxes and cargo tie-downs, to simplify taking your belongings from one place to another.

Another nice feature about U-Haul is that it offers five different sizes in trucks, including cargo vans and pickup trucks, to transport cargo.

If you are traveling and want to bring your personal vehicle along, you have the option to do so with even the smallest 10-foot trucks that U-Haul offers.

And if you are planning a move to Canada (or from Canada to the US), you’ll find U-Haul rentals in all the Canadian provinces, too.

If you do need to transport fragile items and you’re afraid of having them break on the road, U-Haul offers fragile item handling through one of its partner companies.

Vehicles for Rent


Both Enterprise and U-Haul have a large selection of rental vans and trucks. Enterprise offers a variety of cargo vans. Their standard is a two-person van with a payload capacity of 3,700 pounds.


The base cargo van from Enterprise is ideal for towing light and medium loads. Air conditioning, an automatic transmission, power steering, and an AM/FM radio are amenities that you’ll find in the standard cargo van.

If you want something a little smaller, you have the option of getting a compact cargo van instead. This van has a cargo capacity of 123 cubic feet and a payload capacity of 1,480 pounds.

The heavy duty cargo van is larger than the standard cargo van. It also has a higher payload capacity of 4,080 pounds. This van also seats two people.

The extra-large heavy duty cargo van is nearly 20 inches longer, and it has a greater cargo capacity of 254 cubic feet. Finally, you have the option of getting a cargo van with a high roof.

The roof adds about 10 more inches of ceiling space than the standard cargo van has. The high roof van has the same payload capacity as the standard van.


With U-Haul, you have the option of renting a nine-foot cargo van. Typically, this will be a Ford Transit with seating capacity for two occupants. Cargo vans are not large enough to tow a vehicle.

However, you can order them with trailers ranging from 4×8 to 6×12 if you need more storage space.

U-Haul’s cargo vans are chosen for their fuel efficiency, which is advantageous to drivers looking to spend as little money on gas as possible. These cargo vans have a substantial towing capacity of 3,500 pounds.

They come with a number of travel-assist features too, including rub rails and tie-downs to keep cargo from moving around. U-Haul’s cargo vans can be rented for personal or commercial uses.

Comparing Rental Prices


Although the prices for renting a cargo van from Enterprise are initially higher than some of its competitors, Enterprise actually offers one of the best values in the long term.

Through Enterprise, you’ll pay a base rate of $80 for a rental each day. This comes with the first 200 miles free. After that, a charge of $0.19 per mile is added to your bill.

A lightweight truck, on the other hand, costs about $75 per day. This is a flat-rate fee. The price difference is worth considering if you have a lot of belongings to move and could use a slightly larger vehicle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Enterprise offers special pricing on the weekends that is lower than its weekday rentals.


If you are planning a move, you can get rates as low as $19.95 from U-Haul for a cargo van plus an additional $0.79 per mile.

U-haul truck

U-Haul has additional rates for special circumstances, such as longer week-long and month-long rentals, as well as extended miles.

Additional nominal fees may be tacked on for mileage and other amenities, such as using moving accessories from U-Haul.

Booking online through U-Haul guarantees your reservation for a set period of time, which is usually 48 hours:


Both Enterprise and U-Haul are sound options if you’re looking for a cargo van. Enterprise offers one of the largest selection of vehicles, while U-Haul has competitive pricing and many additional moving services.

With a U-Haul truck sized only 10 feet, you can tow your own personal vehicle, too.

No matter where you are traveling to, look for special pricing deals and discounts for certain populations, such as AAA members and military personnel.