What Are Good Packing and Moving Tips?


Moving can be a stressful physical and mental process; you can become aware of some hints that will make the whole move go easier, with less breakage, lighter lifting and organized thinking.

Unpacking your boxes at your new home then becomes easier and problems are avoided. If possible, hire a reputable moving company to ensure that your actual move is accomplished as easily as possible. Here are some tips to follow if you are doing the packing yourself:

Before the Move

Remember to not pack your cleaning supplies until the last cleanup is done; this is especially important if you live in a rental house or apartment where a security deposit has been given. You want to be sure to get that deposit back.

  • Before the day of the move:
    • Defrost the refrigerator
    • Clean the stove
    • Remove items from dressers
    • Clean out closets in advance of packing

Make sure that phone, cable, utilities, lawn service, etc. have been canceled. Schedule this about a week before moving. Also, remember to do the change-of-address form at the post office.


  • Use new boxes
  • Keep items from rooms together- don’t mix boxes
  • Use wardrobe boxes for closet packing
  • Use packing paper to protect items
  • Stack dishes upward not horizontally; use packing paper without printing
  • Try to pack electronics in original boxes – otherwise, use bubble wrap
  • If you take furniture apart, tape screws and other hardware to the main base.

Here are some tips for organization:


  • Pack documents and important papers separately in an easily accessible box
  • Label each box with the room where it goes
  • Use critter-free boxes, not those from the supermarket
  • Break down animal kennels for transport
  • Use small boxes for books
  • Large boxes for heavy things make handling difficult; use small boxes for heavy things
  • Pack breakables over a padded surface
  • Put sleep linens and pillows in a separate wardrobe box; they will be easier to find after the move when you want to collapse on the bed (which has been put back together first!).


If possible, avoid moving in the summer; this is when the moving business does 50% of its work. Spend extra for a reputable mover if needed. The best movers have earned good to great ratings on Angie’s List and will be on your local BBB list as well.

Schedule your movers two to four weeks before your moving day. Find out if your movers are insured and know the costs and the type of equipment that will be used.

You can have your movers put the things you will need right away towards the end of the truck, assuring they will be the first things unloaded.

On the day of the move, be sure to put items that you are taking with you, such as medicines and phone cables, aside, so the movers do not pack them. Take valuables, such as jewelry and currency, with you.

Moving Yourself

  • Rent your truck, van or whatever.
  • Finish packing before you start to move.
  • Load boxes first
  • Fragile items should be marked on the boxes

Open truck

Quora has some helpful moving tips for do-it-yourself. Scroll down the page to get some good ideas on how to make your move easier.

Here’s to a great move!