Hourly Cargo Van Rental Rates

Hourly Cargo Van Rental Rates and Prices

Choosing a company to rent a cargo van from can often be a tough decision. The rates each company charges may vary due to offering some other incentives to rent with that particular company (lower mileage fees, lower maintenance fees, better pricing for daily rentals, etc.).

Finding the hourly rate that suits you, the consumer, is a job you’ll notice to be less taxing after reading further.

Below we’ll dive into some of the top cargo van rental companies and what aspects of their rental programs make them stand out.

Average rate is $5-$10 per hour

The average rate for a cargo van rental that seats anywhere from 10-15 passengers or has comparable storage is around $5-$10 an hour across the board.

Mileage and fueling fees will vary across the different vehicle rental companies, but if you find an hourly rate above $5-$10/hour you are most likely going to want to seek out another option.

Sometimes finding a rental agency can be tough based off of location, but with most of the dealers described below, you should be able to locate at least one of these companies within a 15-30 mile radius of your current residency.

Many of these companies also will offer a van delivery if your location is off the map, but the fees associated with this option increase greatly the farther away you are.

Avis Hourly Rate

We’ll start with the Avis rental agency. Avis stocks its cargo van rentals with some of the newest models on the market today. Renting with Avis is simple and reservations can be made online for pick-up of a vehicle.

Renting a cargo van from Avis and using it for an entire 24-hour period will run you about $220 and $270 after rental fees.

This averages out to a little over $10/hour, but this includes up to 400 miles of travel, so if your travel distance exceeds this amount, you may want to look elsewhere.

An additional charge of $0.40 per mile over the supplied 400 will be added to your total. Avis also offers unique options of GPS Navigation, Satellite Radio, and Road Side Assistance for a nominal fee of about $7.00 per add-on.

Reliability of the vehicle supplied is where a strong case can be made for renting your cargo van with Avis.

Their top-of-the-line models leave you assured in knowing that your rental will operate at peak performance and will leave you without the worry of a worn vehicle.

Enterprise Hourly Cargo Van Rentals

Secondly we dive in what Enterprise Rent-A-Car has to offer. Enterprise offers a few different options when it comes to cargo vans.

They have smaller seating vans that maximize the potential for shipping space of your items or feature models with a larger seat capacity that can be used for passengers or items you are loading up alike.

The daily rate for a cargo van rental of the larger variety comes in right at $191 and $233 after fees. This is a slight price reduction from Avis only coming out to about $8-$9 per hour before fees.

Their charges over their mileage supplied amount of 400 comes in at only $0.20 per mile over that supplied amount. This leaves less of a burden if you are to go over your intended amount of miles traveled.

Their models of vans aren’t always “brand-new” which takes away some appeal from the lower rates. Their customer service team is outstanding and lower rates will definitely be easier on your pocket book.

Hertz Cargo Van Rental Rate

Our last company, Hertz, features some of the lowest daily rates on cargo van rentals when compared to other rental agencies. Hertz offers small and large cargo van rentals that range from around $100-$150 per day before additional fees, which would come out to around $140-$190 respectively.

The daily rate option is the way to go with Hertz, because the hourly rate comes in at around $20/hour (which exceeds almost all rental companies’ hourly rental rates).

Their charge per mile over the supplied 400 (per day) is right around $0.40-$0.45. Insurance is included in their daily rentals, which is a nice fall back for the consumer should something go wrong.

The company doesn’t have as many locations as the other leading agencies, which is a small setback for this particular agency.

After taking a look at these three companies, you can see that each one has their own particular ups and downs. Other cargo van rental companies, such as Budget and Ryder, also feature similar rental options.

The best thing you can do, as the consumer, is research your options online a little more in-depth before making a decision. Each company also offers different incentive packages based on reward programs, weekend rental savings, and other such programs that could better suit your needs given the time of the year or what have you.

Renting a cargo van by the hour doesn’t have to be a tasking experience any longer. You now have some of your options laid out for you and you know what you’ll get with each of the mentioned companies above.