What Are Some Common Long-Distance Moving Tips to Follow?


If you are contemplating a move that will take you across the country or to a different state, there are a number of tips that you should be aware of to make your move easier.

One very important tip is to pare down your belongings before the move; get rid of items you don’t need. Have a yard sale, give to Goodwill or find a friend or relative who loves your stuff. Here are some other tips to help you:

Choose a Great Mover

Having the help of a good moving company is priceless; it will save time and energy in the long run. Get quotes from 5 different companies; if they provide a free estimate with no obligation, that will be your best bet.

Then compare, finding reviews in addition to the best pricing. It may be worth spending more to get a reliable company with the experience of doing long distance moving.

Insure Belongings

If your movers offer insurance, have them explain the difference between coverage and costs. Since moving is a high-risk industry, you want to be sure you are covered for breakage or loss. Items are often unloaded by a number of crews, so you want to be sure you have, at the least, minimal coverage.

Pack Items Securely

Cartoon carrying boxes

Use lots of padding or paper. Boxes often get turned upside down and loose items can drift about. Pack to fill each box so there is nothing loose. Seal containers inside boxes well. By packing securely with lots of padding, your items will be secure over the long distance.

Have Items You Need With You

Remember not to pack items such as medicines, phone chargers, etc. If you need documents, such as tax returns, take them with you, as you may have to wait for the mover’s delivery.

Inspect Outdoor Furniture

If you are moving across states, you will need to be sure furniture is free from pests, insects or larvae. There are government regulations regarding transporting plants and pests across state lines.
You may also need to part with some plants before the move (or carry them in your car.)

Pack Your Mattresses in a Box

To prevent soiling and damage to the mattress, make sure it is packed in a box. Many people may be handling your mattress, so you want to protect it.


You may want one box with everything you need immediately when the shipment arrives. Label this box for easy locating and unpacking. Label all the boxes with your name and the room in which the content goes.

Do Not Pack Food or Liquids


In addition to attracting vermin if the items are stored in a warehouse along the way, there is always the risk of liquids seeping through or food spoiling. Do not pack either.

By following these and other tips, you will have a less stressful move, with better results when your items arrive at your new home. Enjoy the move and your new place!