Guide to Moving Out of College

Move In Day 2012

You’ve thrown your cap into the air and watched it fall down onto the sea of undergraduates around you; you’ve been to four years of season openers and homecomings, and now, as a university graduate, the last thing you have to do is move out of the dorm or the frat house and into the real world.

Moving out doesn’t have to be as painful as your last upper-level seminar, just follow these easy tips to make the transition from the Pi Phi house to your first apartment or house as easy as pie.

Tips to move out of college

  1. Rent a cargo van. Book a van in advance to transport all of your college gear to your new place.More space to transport your stuff means you’ll make fewer trips, and you can even fit that old couch into the back of the van. You can book here.
  2. Go wild with your spring cleaning. Clean up your living space earlier in the year to make moving out hassle-free. Toss out garbage and recycle any empty cans and bottles you find, along with any old furniture and possessions you know you won’t need in a few months.
  3. Sell your books. Chances are, you’re never going to need your “Introduction to Basket Weaving” textbook again. Don’t cart books you’ll never open again to a new place, instead, sell them back to your local bookstore or a freshman. It’s an easy way to make back a few bucks and get rid of extra clutter.
  4. Pack the most important things last. This way, they’re the first things to be unloaded at your new place.
  5. While an extra tablecloth may not be essential to your first few days in a new apartment or home, your basic essentials, like towels, dishes, and a computer, are necessities, and you don’t want them to be lost in the shuffle.
  6. Respect your fragile items. You’re in charge of your breakables, so make sure to pack them with newspaper, bubble-wrap, or anything else handy  to ensure they make it to your destination in one piece.

Leaving college can be a scary experience, but with these tips, moving out can be a breeze!