Long Distance Cargo Van Rental

Whether you’re in the process of moving, transporting or delivering for business reasons, or simply going on a long trip across the country, figuring out what cargo van to rent becomes the least of your worries.

Renting the vehicle is easy but deciding where and which company to choose can vary based on your task and your budget. But these vehicle rental companies are quite agreeable and provide generous service for any task you require.

In renting vehicles, remember that reservations have to be made at least a day in advance and it’s best to investigate the rental rates as each company and vehicle has different prices with additional fees included, so check out their websites as well.


As one of the best, Penske is the only company that offers free unlimited mileage on one-way rentals. States are marked as blue or yellow, with only 9 in the Midwest not featured, and select routes become part of the one-way rate if you either move from or to a blue or yellow state.

In other words, it you move from California, a yellow state, you will most likely find a free route to drive on.

The fee for a cargo van rental is $50-150 per day with additional fees; the prices will increase based on the length of time needed. Also, online booked reservations grant a 10% discount on payment.


Budget may not give free one-way rentals, but the company does offer special deals on one-ways. With wide selections of vehicles, finding the right cargo van will be no problem.

There are no mileage restrictions, so you’re free to travel far and long without any stress. Its cargo van holds up to 5 people, with enough towing power and a large interior.

The starting prices for vans begin from $119.99 and will change by additional fees and insurance. Just like Penske, Budget requires reservations for the vehicle desired.


With 8 decades of experience, Ryder is a company that you should consider. The option for one-way rental is unavailable; however Ryder has the Commercial Rental Guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your service.

The company features 3 types of cargo vans with two of them mostly larger, city vans for bigger and specific errands. Ryder’s Refrigerated City Van helps keep cargo cold (if needed) and moves well in tight spots.

The City Van works for urban settings and small loads to deliver. The Metro Van comes at a daily rate of $97.95 with the weekly rate of $489.75 if traveling long distance.

A fee of $0.24/mile is included so know the amount of miles to travel from your destinations and all vary from vans and trucks.


Though under the radar, Sixt is known outside of the US and in greatly populated cities, such as Miami. It’s only available in specific locations but is offered in other countries.

With cheap prices and 100 years of experience, Sixt is worth looking into. The company offers optional extras, including unlimited mileage and add-ons that no other company does.

The larger the van, the better the rental as Sixt has van that holds up to 15 people. Sixt also provides the choice of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van, a luxurious vehicle that moves smoothly for the driver.

The Sprinter is easy to drive. But, if you have never driven a Sprinter, it’s no issue as Sixt has advisors that can assist you in your experience.

Upgrades are included to the Sprinter, such as GPS navigation, and the vans possess double the space of a pick-up truck with fuel efficiency. Prices start as low as $49; $79 for vans, depending on the type.

Cargo van rentals are costly, but maneuvering between which deal suits your needs can make the bill much cheaper and the trip simple. Make sure to check out the reservations, daily and weekly (monthly also) fees, insurance, and other charges for the vehicle.

It’s useful to compare the rates of different companies so rentacargovan.com allows you to view them in one spot. There’s no shame in looking for cheaper prices while getting the best quality at the same time.