One Way Cargo Van Rental Rates

We are constantly on the move, whether it is a new job, or relocating to a new city to retire. All of us at some point will need to rent a cargo van to help move our stuff to that new location and begin the next chapter in our lives.

Luckily, finding a rental cargo van is easy and you can find some great rates if you research and plan accordingly.

Because finding the right cargo van can save you hundreds of dollars in rental fees.

When looking for a cargo rental van, there are several things to consider before selecting a company to rent with. The first and probably most cost impacting factor is the mileage.

Depending on which company you choose, they usually offer two different mileage rates. The first is a pay per mile rate, which you are charged a standard price per mile that you drive in the cargo van.

This can add up quickly, especially, if you are planning a cross-country move. Be sure to factor in this mileage cost, if you choose that option.

The second is the popular, unlimited mileage, which gives the customer freedom to drive as far as they need to, with no additional cost to them.

Most companies will offer this because it will attract more business and will save you money in the end. Hertz and Penske offer trucks in most populated areas at competitive rates.

Second thing to consider is determining what size of cargo van you will need. Many of the cargo vans come in either 12 or 16-foot capacity.

You will have to determine which one will suit your needs, by measuring and looking over all your cargo that you need transport. You could be wasting your money if you select a cargo van that is too big for what you need.

The reason for that is the price for a cargo van is based on which size you need. The 16-foot vans are the most expensive, while the smaller 8 to 12-foot vans are relatively cheap.

As mentioned earlier, doing a little research can save you a lot of money. Many of the major cargo rental van companies offer specials and coupons that can be found on the Internet.

In addition, going to each rental van company’s website, is a great way to compare costs. Also, be sure to inquire about their terms and condition about a one-way rental, some companies will have extra fees, since you will not be returning it back to the original location.

Just remember to do a little bit of research; it could save you hundreds of dollars.