One Way Moving Van Rental

One-way moving van rental involves renting moving vans of various sizes and driving them to the place where you are moving.

How do they work?

They are called one-way moving vans because a customer drives the vans to the place they are moving and do not drive them back to the place where they picked up the van (where they moved from).

The van will instead be picked up by someone working for the company in that area, or can be dropped off by you at a nearby company location.

Which companies offer this service?

A number of companies offer services for one-way moving vans, including Budget Truck Truck Rental, Penske,, and Uhaul. Prices vary on these websites and largely depend on how far you are traveling.

For example, Uhaul charges about $100 to travel from my hometown in southern New Hampshire to my college in central Massachusetts.

Depending on the size of the truck you require, charges are similar for the other truck companies, with discrepancies of only a few dollars between them.

Possible Additional Charges

Most companies allow customers to pay with credit, debit, or cash for their trucks. Customers driving the trucks are responsible for paying tolls and keeping the trucks they borrow in good condition.

If customers damage the trucks they borrow, they may be held responsible for paying for the damage.

Most truck companies ask that customers put down a refundable deposit when they pick up their truck, which is only returned when they return their truck in good condition.

Tips and Additional Information

Trucks can be driven to various locations throughout the country, although most companies have some restrictions as to where trucks can be picked up or dropped off.

Trucks come in varying sizes and are equipped with various amounts of moving equipment.

In most cases, it is best to bring your own moving equipment, as moving companies generally only provide the trucks themselves and towing supplies.

Companies will work hard to ensure that you are given enough days and miles to complete your move when you make a one-way rental.

However, many companies will allow you to purchase additional but non-refundable extra days or miles when you pick up your vehicle if you feel you will need more time.