One Way Unlimited Mileage Cargo Van Rental

A one-way unlimited mile cargo van rental is just what it sounds like. Such a rental gives the customer a one-way trip with a flat rate, instead of charging per mile, letting customers drive as long as they need for a flat charge.

These rentals are great for long trips and moving across the country. However, not all cargo van rental companies offer the same deal and it’s important to read the fine print.

It’s also important to do the math, almost always a one-way unlimited rate will be cheaper than paying per mile, but it is good to make sure.

Penske is the only national truck rental company to truly offer unlimited miles on one-way rentals within the United States.

With Penske, booking online will save you an additional 10%. Other companies like Avis and Enterprise will charge for miles over a certain amount. The amount varies per company and route.

However, with large trips, customers will often receive a very low rate per mile. After a predetermined amount of miles, you will then be charged a certain rate per mile as you might normally.

So be aware that under these conditions you will be charged, often at a much higher rate, for every mile you drive beyond the agreed upon range.

Companies like U-Haul offer such scenarios where they have a low rate for a predetermined range, but after that the amount jumps significantly. With proper planning this can still be a cost-effective option when renting a cargo van.

Some rental companies will also offer unlimited mileage for cargo vans only in certain locations and for specific routes.

With all the different offerings, make sure to do your homework before embarking on your road trip.

One-way unlimited mile cargo van rentals are a great, affordable option when needing to do some serious driving. With these one-way unlimited rentals, take the scenic route.