One Way Out of State Cargo Van Rental

Renting cargo vehicles or vans to help transport people or belongings can be a hassle free experience, even if you hope to only take the van one way.

A one way trip out of state poses surprisingly fewer problems than one might expect, especially if the renter is willing to plan ahead of time and work with reliable companies.

If you work with companies like Budget, Avis, Penske all have long track record of responsible renting practices and a diverse array of renting locations will make the moving process as painless as possible.

First Steps

First, plan the date of your departure and the size cargo van you require. If you are driving people, make sure you have enough seats in the van for each of your passengers.

If you are transporting belongings you should begin by estimating required space, based on either weight or size of the cargo.

Many rental companies will allow you to rent by the hour or by the day, and companies like U-Haul will even allow after-hour key drop off.

Renting the Cargo Van

Renting a cargo van between states works best with large, nationally managed companies that have a number of locations and are willing to work on a customer-to-customer basis for special requests.

When contacting your preferred rental company, make sure you inquire about any extra service fees or charges that may go along with a one-way rental.

Most companies are not likely to have an extra fee, but hidden charges and fees may occur when making a reservation in one state and paying for the reservation in another.

Be aware of such practices, and make sure to confirm your pricing before you agree to the rental terms and conditions.

Traveling out of state with a cargo van, especially when moving long distances between states, can be a positive or negative experience.

Use the resources and experiences of people like us and your seamless rental experience will become one less thing to worry about in a difficult process.



Provides a pickup service, and does one-way out of state rentals for both rental cars and larger cargo vans. You may need to call ahead to get an accurate price quote and reserve a vehicle, as their website tends to update less often.


Works with both rental cars and van services, so it may be more expensive than companies like U-Haul. Check their website for vehicle availability, but two or three day rentals will always be less expensive than a single day rental from a company like this.


Also provides a cargo rental service, from both their passenger car rental locations and their business truck rental locations.

Be sure to check both online reservation systems, as the cargo van may not show up in your initial passenger rental system searches.