When to Rent a 15 Person Passenger Van

Going on vacation is great but going on vacation with a group of friends and family is even better. But it kind of takes the fun out of it when everyone is driving in separate vehicles. Well, one way to get everyone together is renting a 15 passenger van!

No matter how many people go on a trip, there never seems to be enough room for all the luggage. Renting a 15 passenger van has lots of space in the15 person passanger van rear of the van for suitcases and anything else you could possibly want to bring.

It also is hard to make a long trip in a car because there isn’t much leg room. Everyone gets cramped and frequent stops are necessary for passengers to get out and stretch their legs.

Another important factor is fuel. Taking several vehicles can be expensive. If everyone is traveling in one vehicle, there’s only one vehicle to fill up and it’s cheaper for everybody!

Community programs can also benefit from a 15 passenger van rental. Volunteering for a community includes all kinds of different causes. There are plenty of outreach programs and fundraisers. So whether it’s people or equipment that needs to be hauled, renting a van is a great option.

Schools are always hauling kids to all kinds of events and ballgames. There’s also all those field trips every year. School buses are great but can be expensive and it’s not really practical to use a bus for a handful of people.

Organizations and clubs can really benefit from renting a van. There are also sports teams that are smaller than football teams like a tennis team that could use vans.

These teams don’t have as much equipment and members as larger teams, which makes using a van a great option.

Churches can benefit by renting vans. Churches are always going to retreats, events, and camps. They usually have a lot of music equipment to bring to events. They also need room to pack food, sleeping bags and other supplies. So renting a van is perfect!

Family reunions are popular in the summer months. People come from all over to spend time with their families.

It makes a lot of sense to go as a group for several reasons. Saving gas allows more people to attend.

There are two things that are always at family reunions, food and games. Lot’s of food! Renting a van gives the space needed to bring all the fun games and favorite foods that have been in the family for years.

How many times have you heard the words, “Road Trip!” in college. This is a great way for students to save money and have the money they need for all the fun activities.

It makes the trip more fun when everybody can ride together and there’s plenty of room for the girls many suitcases. This way there can be more trips because everyone can afford it.

Renting a 15 passenger van is just as simple as renting a car. Most of the companies that rent cars also rent vans such as: Alamo Rent A Car – www.alamo.com, Avis Car Rental – www.avis.com, and Budget – www.budget.com.

There are also companies that rent only vans such as Go Van Rentals – www.govanrentals.com.

So when you’re looking to go on a group trip, think of renting a 15 passenger van. Not only does it bring everyone together, but it helps financially, there’s room for everyone’s luggage, and less stopping because no needs to get out and stretch.