Summer Cargo Van Rental Rates

It is summer and a popular time to move. If you are looking to be cost-efficient when moving, then you probably want to explore options for tackling the moving process on your own and packing up your belongings into a cargo van yourself.

If you are looking for one way moves take a look at our page on those here.

While commuting we have definitely all spotted the Budget moving trucks on the highway.

Budget Truck Rental

Is a great company to rent a cargo van from. It is convenient with locations in nearly every state and close to 2,000 truck rental locations.

Trucks are available for local or out of state moves, though cargo vans are only available for local transportation (within the same state).

Budget is known to be a well-priced moving company, but the prices vary depending on the dates that you are planning to travel and the length of time that you request to have the cargo van for. So, go explore their website and find out the rates for your cargo van.


This is another company known for its convenient and affordable moving options. Here, you can rent a cargo van for a flat rate of just $19.95 per day.

Once again, however, the rental of U-Haul cargo vans is for local moves only, which means that you must be looking to remain within the same state.

This is a great option for moving offices and transporting all of your work equipment to the new building or even if you are moving your child’s clothes and belongings to a new, local college dorm.

Moving out of state

If you need to move out of state, then you should probably consider renting a larger moving truck, which all of these companies have available for good prices.

If you are moving to a location out of state, but you maybe do not feel comfortable to drive something larger than a cargo van, then pack your own belongings into a moving truck and then have a licensed professional to do the driving for you with Estes SureMove.

Estes SureMove

It is a reliable self-service moving company that can be more affordable than having a moving company not only transport your belongings but also pack them into the 28 foot moving vehicle.

The process with Estes is simple. You receive a moving truck at your requested location, have three days to load the truck with all of your belongings, and then the moving truck is picked up by an Estes employee and driven to the requested new location.

Once it arrives at its destination, you have three days to remove all of your belongings from the truck and then vehicle is picked up and taken off of your hands.

If this interests you, give Estes SureMove a call to find out the rate for your move.


These companies are great, affordable options for anyone moving this summer and looking to rent their own moving van. Good luck with your move!