Miami Cargo Van Rental

In Miami you can rent a cargo fan fast and easy. Cargo vans have become increasingly popular as gas prices have gone up. People tend to buy smaller, more economic, cars that don’t have the load ability that the larger vehicles had.

These vans are larger vans that are used to transport freight. It’s useful to have the option to rent one rather than own one because they are not built for style and comfort.

There are a few reasons one might be looking to rent a cargo van in south Florida.

Personal Cargo Van Rental:

Personal reasons include moving from one house to another.  In some cases it is cheaper to rent a cargo van and drive the belongings to the new living space rather than hire a moving company.

Among the moving reasons, is moving to college. In this case, one only has a limited amount of items to move, but sometimes a car is not large enough.

A cargo van is perfect for this occasion. Other personal reasons might be relocating large cargo, such as furniture, to and from storage locations, or even from the store.

Business Cargo Van Rental:

Business reasons include actual businesses that require transport of large cargo. Such businesses include furniture stores, florist shops, party planners, wedding caterers, etc. Businesses may also hold functions and activities in which they need to transport items.

Locations to Rent a Cargo Van in Miami, Florida

In Miami Florida there are quite a few locations where a cargo van can be rented. One company offering rentals is U-Haul. This company offers locations at Citgo, Flagler Service Station, U-Haul Moving and Storage of Greater Miami, and Santa Lucia Travel.

Another company with rental is Budget Truck Rental, with locations at Budget of Miami, Magpie LLC, and Total Auto Rental LLC. These are just a couple of companies and their locations that are available.

The current rate for a cargo van is about 20 dollars with a pay of 59 cents for every mile. This is most likely cheaper than paying for gas in some cases, over long distances.

These vehicles offer a cheaper and more efficient method of transporting materials from one location to another.