Sprinter Van Rental

A sprinter van is typically a rented van that can be used for transporting a large amount of passengers or a decent amount of cargo. These vans come in a few different forms, namely: a passenger van, a conversion van, a cargo van, a mini-bus or a cab chassis.

When searching for the van of your choice there are many options, and depending uponsprinter van what you plan on transporting there is a selection process to minimize cost and maximize both efficiency and comfort.

Available through most car rental companies, or through specific businesses dedicated solely to Sprinter van rentals, a quick search on Google will pop up a myriad of choices, many of which look the same.

Which companies manufacture sprinter vans?

In the US there are currently four main manufacturers of sprinter vans; Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Dodge and Freightliner nameplates all have their own cost/benefits that can be assessed as part of the selection process.

Who should rent one?

For those looking to transport a decent sized group of people a passenger van would probably be the best option. Passenger vans typically range from five to 15 passengers.

For both long trips, or just for sake of unity in a short trip, there are varied rates of how the rent will be charged.

Unlimited mileage or rent by the day?

When looking to move over a large distance it is probably best to rent by the day instead of having a limited amount of miles, depending on the quality of vehicle, size and company rented from this can range from about $175 to $500 per day.

Many of these deals will give you a finite amount of miles before charging an additional fee per mile usually ranging anywhere from $0.25 to $0.65 per mile.

For Cargo Van rentals the charges are usually lower and the back of the van is empty of seats.

The size of the cargo bay usually ranges from 150 cubic feet to 400 cubic feet, the larger usually being more expensive.