What to Bring When You Rent a Cargo Van

When you do to the rental location to rent a cargo van there are a few things you should bring with you to make sure the process goes smoothly and you are able to drive away as quickly as possible.

1. Driver’s License – This should be a no brainer as you need a driver’s license to drive any car. Make sure you license is up to date and you do not have any major driving infractions on it like a suspended license. Many rental locations require you be at least 21 to rent a van although some locations are 18. Younger renters may also be charged an extra fee.

2. Credit Card – In order to rent the cargo van, you are going to need to pay for the rental. In addition to paying for the van they may also place a damage deposit on your credit card to cover any expenses if you return the van damaged or dirty.

3. Proof of insurance – Some rental location also require that you show proof of insurance to rent a car or truck. This is to protect them in case you have any accidents on the road and are not covered by insurance.

4. Camera – If the van has damage it is best to document it before you start driving so that you can show the company the pictures taken before you left. They should also do a damage inspection with you before you sign the paperwork.

5. Discounts – Check the websites of the renal facility, many time they have coupons that will save you a few bucks on your daily rental.

6. Tools – If you are going to be transporting things in the van you may want to bring some rope, tie down straps, or mats to keep your items safe and secure during transportation.

If you show up to the rental facility with all of these items, you should be ready to get your job done quickly without any problems.