Rent a Moving Van Unlimited Miles

Sometimes, it’s tough to plan how many miles you’re going to move. You might know where you’re leaving from, and you might know where you’re headed to, but the route in-between isn’t always so crystal clear.

There are so many reasons for this. Your online map service of choice (or even *shudder* actual map) might fudge the number of miles. There could be detours. You might end up wanting to make a pit stop that’s out of your way.

Whatever the reason, unlimited mile rentals takes all that pressure off.

If that’s what you’re looking for, here are four companies you want to check out.


First, there’s Alamo. They were the first company to offer unlimited miles to renters, and they still offer cheap rates. Prices vary a lot based on your location, as well as when you want to rent out the vehicle.

But their website has a pretty easy system that allows you to figure out what your specific request costs.


Then there’s Enterprise. They’re usually a little more expensive than Alamo, but given all the variables, you’ll want to check and make sure they’re not offering the best deal.

Friendly tip: they often offer special rates for the weekends!


If you’re a small business, you’ll want to try Budget. Getting into a small business program with them can save a lot of money. Combine that with their Association Discount Program, which cuts 20% off transactions, and you’ve truly got a deal.

Unfortunately, they don’t give unlimited miles to individuals.


For all those advantages, one company stands head and shoulders above the rest: Penske Rental Company. They’re the ones who offer the cheapest rates, and their vehicles get you where you want to go.

The only problem is that the unlimited miles only go one-way. With proper planning, though, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Therefore, this is our recommendation for best unlimited miles.