Where Can I Rent a Cargo Van Interstate and One Way?


What car rental service will allow me to rent a cargo van interstate and one way in the U.S.?

If you are thinking of renting a cargo van for moving across the states or between several states in the U.S., you will be happy to know that there are several companies that offer this option.

Some may charge an extra fee for dropping off in a different city from which you picked up the van, but you can cross a number of states in the rental time allowed in the contract.


This rental car company also rents cargo vans. They have recently started doing so, due to the demand of people who are moving. They have a Chevrolet van available for moving small amounts.

You can pick up the van in one city and drop it off at an Enterprise company anywhere in the U.S. They also have a smaller compact van that is available to rent for moving even smaller loads. Rentals can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Budget Truck Rental


Budget Trucks has cargo vans that can be rented and dropped off at another location.

You can just tell them where you want to pick the van up and where you will be dropping it off; it is all booked online. You can even rent an additional Garmin® GPS system for your travels in their trucks.


They offer cargo vans that are available for one way driving within the U.S. Alamo charges an additional “inter-city fee”, a drop off fee for one-way rentals.

National Car Rental

National offers the rental of cargo vans; mileage cost is based on the location. They charge a drop off fee for one-way rentals.


Although in general, this is not a car rental service, U-Haul does offer cargo vans for rent that can be used in an interstate one way move. They offer special rates for one way moving and allow dropping off in a different city and state.

U-haul truck

You can also purchase additional days or additional mileage with advance planning; it will be written into the contract. The fee per additional day is $40, and it is paid in advance when picking up the van. For a one-way move, you can also purchase additional mileage.

Whichever company you select from which to rent your cargo van, be sure to let them know where you will be picking it up and where it will be dropped off. You want to know all the fees involved, as moving day is stressful, and financial surprises may not be welcome at that time.

Plan ahead, relax and have a move that goes smoothly. After all, it’s the beginning of a new chapter.