What’s the Best Option for Renting a Cargo Van One-Way Between States?

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Renting a cargo van for moving between two different states is made easy by a choice of a number of companies that offer this option. You will be picking up your van at one location and dropping it off at another location, owned by the same company.

Be sure the cargo van that you rent is large enough to carry your stuff; otherwise, you will have to make an additional trip or find a small truck. Here are some options, including U-Haul, which has been highly recommended for one way moving with a cargo van.


Go to the website, where you can enter the city where you wish to pick up the van and the city where it will be dropped off. They offer special rates for extended miles and distance.

The capacity of their cargo van is 245 cu. ft. and the maximum load is 4,000 lbs. The van gets 20 mpg and uses unleaded fuel. It features cruise control to make distance driving easier and has air conditioning as well as automatic transmission.

This van will hold any queen size mattress set. The van has tie-down rings in the floor if you want to add straps to secure your belongings for the long move. Seating is for two adults only.

Your one-way rental will have a base price that includes a number of days and miles. This cannot be reduced once it is in the contract. If you need extra days for a one-way truck rental, it will cost $40 (plus $14 or $28 if you selected SafeMove or SafeMove Plus respectively) per day.

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SafeMove is an insurance option, which is recommended. Extra miles cost $0.40 per mile.

More options

Another choice is Enterprise Rental. They have recently added cargo vans to their fleet of rentals. You will be getting a Chevrolet Express Cargo or something similar. You can choose from a list of locations from which to pick up or drop off, in town and not at an airport.

Budget Truck Rental also offers cargo vans for one way moving.

Be aware that some companies may charge a drop-off fee for dropping the van off in a different city. Be sure that the company and representative that you rent from, including U-Haul, knows that you will be dropping the van off in a different city and state.


This is very important when reserving at a location; you might also forget to fill out the form for a different drop-off location, which can be costly. Learn more about drop-off from an employee of U-Haul. Having all the information will make your move easier and less stressful, so have a great move to your new state!