What Are Some Tips for Moving Across the Country?

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If you can do it, sell everything and start out fresh if moving across the country! Living with the minimum offers a fresh way of seeing and doing things. Otherwise, here are some tips that can be used in your new adventure.

According to US News, there are several financial and work considerations related tips for moving across the country.

Decide How You Will Move

Will you move using a cargo van or truck? Or will you hire a mover to help you move a large home or your furniture? You can also use one of the containers that will be moved for you.

Research the Area Where You Are Going

Find out about jobs and the community that you have chosen. With the help of the Internet, you can find out much about an area, city or town across the country.

Don’t Bring Too Many Things

Pack rats beware! If you can get of rid of things beforehand, do it. Try to dismiss sentiment and make your heart hard to make the move easier. Have a yard sale ahead of time; reducing things make the move cheaper if you are using movers.

Clean out closets and donate to Goodwill or sell clothing and furniture.

Get Organized Early

Make a list of what you will need to do to make the move. Start finding information about the movers you will be using.

Create a List of Inventory

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Label all boxes and have a list to be sure that everything is moved. Professional movers do this all the time, sticking numbers on things that won’t fit in a box. If you have parted with some of your stuff prior to the move, you’ll have less to keep track of.

If you do the packing, find clean boxes; sometimes almost new boxes are sold at mover supply stores.

Take Your Time; Don’t Hurry

By planning carefully, you can avoid mistakes, and eliminate many of the hassles of moving day. Know your route, where you will stay, weather and other things that might impact your trip across the country.

If you are using professional movers, make sure that you know the plan and when your belongings will get there. Carry things you will need first in your car.

The Night Before the Move, Get Sleep

Get plenty of rest and eat well; you will need your energy.

Have a Good Attitude

Be prepared for hassles, such as the bed being delivered by the moving company with one side missing. (It was in a warehouse several states away!) Having the right attitude helps!

For a humorous but true take on cross country moving, read this.

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Moving across the country requires organization, energy, patience, a sense of humor and a sense of adventure. Be ready to explore new ground and open up to new things. With the help of a few tips from those who have completed such a move, your moving adventure should be less stressful and more fun.