Companies that Offer Unlimited Mileage Rentals

Cargo Van Rental Companies and Your Options for Unlimited Mileage rentals

When hauling cargo you want to save as much money as possible. It’s important to do so whether you’re hauling for your family or for a company. Therefore, before renting a cargo van it’s nice to know who offers unlimited mileage, what their rates are, and the service you can expect.

Be Aware of Hidden Costs

Some companies advertise unlimited mileage, but under certain circumstances, there will be hidden costs. For example, you may miss an exit and end up having to pay for the additional mileage.
So just be aware that there can be hidden costs and read the fine print before entering into a rental agreement.

Penske Offers One-Way Unlimited Mileage on Cargo Van Rentals

There’s only one company that offers true unlimited mileage on cargo van rentals, and that company is Penske. In fact, if you book your rental online, you’ll get an additional 10 percent off.

What’s nice about the one-way unlimited mileage is that you can like a tourist when moving across the country.

You can take your time and drive the scenic routes. You can see things you’ve never seen before, which means visiting national landmarks or parks.

Also, every truck is equipped with a CD player and MP3 jack so that you can listen to music on the way.

As far as pricing goes, AAA members can obtain nice discounts:

  • 12% off the daily rate for one-way and local truck rentals
  • Up to 20% off when you make a one-way reservation online
  • Special discounts on packing and moving supplies

Also available are military and college student discounts. In the United States you can save even more on select routes between certain states.

It’s easy enough to get a price quote. Visit their Website at and either call for a quote or do it online.

You’ll be happy to know that there are some 700 Penske service facilities across North America. So you should be able to locate a facility close to your home.

What Other Companies Offer

While Penske offers the only true unlimited mileage deals, other companies have some good deals too. For example, at Ryder Truck Rental you pay for the entire trip at a rate of $.29 per mile.

There’s also Budget Truck Rental. Getting unlimited mileage with them comes down to your location, and whether it’s available depends on your rental location.

Here’s what to expect from locations not offering unlimited mileage:

  • You can pay $.60 a mile in advance for extra miles
  • Or, you can pay $.75 a mile at the end of the trip
  • Payment of additional miles in advance is non-refundable

Another big company is U-Haul. While they don’t offer unlimited mileage, they do calculate the rate based on the mileage you travel between point A and point B.

Keep in mind though that if you exceed the stated mileage, there’s an additional charge of $.40 a mile.

Summary of Rental Options

There you have a rundown of four major companies who offer cargo van rentals. They’re all reputable companies with good service and competitive rates.

At the same time, don’t rule out a local firm that may be able to offer you a good deal. At any rate each company will provide you with good service.