Renting Made Easy

Thanks to the internet, cargo van rentals has become easy. A simple search will provide a large number of trustworthy, easy to navigate sites that can provide a range of rental options.

The internet is not the only tool you can use, as there are a few pages of local rental agencies in your phone book. Nearly all major and local car rental companies carry vans.


It is figuring out where you are going, how long you will need the van, and whether you are making a one-way or a round trip.

When deciding how long to rent, don’t forget to factor in loading availability, time, and ask any helpers about their schedules. It is best to err on the side of caution because most rental agencies


This step about figuring out your budget. The cost varies widely based on size of the van, mileage traveled, carrier, and your location; all of these are important to know when you are figuring out your budget.

Vans can cost anywhere from as low as forty dollars a day to a few hundred dollars. Comparison and deal-finding websites like “Priceline,” “Orbitz,” or “Kayak,” are great tools.

Keep in mind every state, excluding Alaska, Delaware, Montana, and North Dakota, has a rental car tax that falls in the 4-10 percent range, and there is additional taxes in many major cities.


In this stage or step it about finding the company that fits you best, and renting your van. Some companies don’t do one ways, some have limited miles, and some have newer fleets.

Supporting local businesses is great, and they often have more personal customer service, but larger companies generally have better deals and fewer restrictions.

Rental reservations can be made online or over the phone, whether you need the cargo van tomorrow or months from now.


Renting well in advance is advisable. Rental insurance against the vehicle and the cargo is suggested, ask companies if they have premium insurance if you are transporting valuable goods.

Make sure to compare rates and restrictions from major and local companies before deciding.